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WHEN: Saturday June 1, 2013

WHERE: Jumping for Fun Parachute Center

COST: $20 plus jump fee

BENEFITS: Kentucky Children’s Hospital




Hey everyone!

Troy Woods is organizing a Canopies for Kids event for June 1, 2013 at the Jumping for Fun Parachute Center in Springfield, KY.  Therefore we put this page together just for this event. The deadline for ordering or sponsoring a Canopies for Kids kit will be Saturday May 25th at 11:59pm cst.

All of the kits ordered will be shipped out prior to the event. If you have any questions please contact Troy at 502-386-7484 who will be coordinating the Canopies for Kids jump efforts at the event. You can pick up your kits for the event from him at the event.

About the Kits

Each kit is $20 on top of the jump fee and includes one of our teddy bears wearing a Canopies for Kids tee in a special flight suit plastic bag, along with a card with a heartfelt message for you to sign and personalize. Finally a $5 donation is built into each and every kit and it will benefit the Kentucky Children’s Hospital.

Ordering Kits and Sponsoring Bears

The order period is closed for purchasing a kit or sponsoring a bear for the event. If you’d like to jump with a sponsored bear at the event. Please contact Troy Woods.

Important Reminders

Please remember to try and do your best to keep all the bears in their plastic bag flight suits throughout the boogie. Again we know their cute, but the child they are intended for may have a compromised immune system; so it’s important that we keep them as sanitary as possible. Also please do not forget to return your bear in his bag and your card to Troy by the end of the event.

If you have any questions about Canopies for Kids or are interested in helping to bring us to your local DZ please reach out to us via our contact page. We’d also love for you to share any pictures or video you have with our bears on our Facebook page.

We hope you all have an awesome event and thank you for participating in one of our jumps!

Blue Skies!

Canopies for Kids