Canopies for Kids is an ongoing project with the mission of providing children in hospitals with the support, courage, and hope they need; by enabling skydivers with the opportunity to have their jumps make a difference for kids one canopy at a time.

We accomplish this by providing skydivers with special stuffed teddy bears to take along for their skydive. We use this experience to transform the bears into "The Bravest Stuffed Teddy Bears in the World" which we then give to sick children in hospitals.

The hope is that these special bears will help provide kids with the courage they need in their fight ahead. Each bear comes with a card containing a heartfelt message from the skydiver, and on top of that, $5 of every Canopies for Kids jump is donated to the hospital.

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Fear of Heights?

Not to worry you can still make a difference by sponsoring a bear or donating to one of our hospitals. If you have a preference towards which one of our affiliated drop zones you would like your sponsored bear to jump from, please visit our Sponsor a Bear page. If you have no preference then simply click "donate" to help sponsor one of our bears today!